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About Us

Lice Warriors are a team of lice professionals who are trained and experienced in detecting and removing head lice using The Shepherd Method™ of Strand-by-Strand nit removal process.

As a parent, Sarah, founder of Lice Warriors understands the fear and frustration that comes when your child comes home with HEAD LICE!! She was troubled when her son’s school continuously sent home classroom lice outbreak notices that required parents to be on the lookout and perform ongoing head checks.  Not really knowing what to look for, until one day it was evident that her son had the six legged crawlers on his head. All the scratching led to scabs and redness and bleeding on his scalp.

This meant war for Sarah, armed with multiple over the counter head lice treatment products (nothing but pesticides), olive and tea tree oil and continuous combing day after day.  Not to mention, she cleaned and vacuumed anything in sight, washing clothing, all the bedding and toys until the washing machine couldn’t handle another load and left Sarah to buy a new one. The entire process was strenuous and she still was not confident that she had won the battle.  She had no choice but to put an end to this chaos, she and her family needed there life back.

Immediately after that she found the answer to her lice battle when she came across a professional head lice removal clinic that was trained in The Shepherd Method.  Sarah and her family left the clinic after a couple of hours, LICE FREE! It was well worth every penny because it gave her complete peace of mind.

That’s when Sarah became interested and focused in helping families reduce their stress associated with head lice and wanted to help them get back to their normal lives as quickly as possible. She has since trained with Katie Shepherd, founder of “The Shepherd Method”.  Katie is one of the world’s top lice experts and started a community outreach over a decade ago.

From Sarah’s personal experiences and training with one of the world’s top lice experts, Sarah is confident that Lice Warriors provides the most effective treatment possible.

Head Lice – No Need To Panic

Lice Warriors Are Here To Conquer Your Battle Against Head Lice


Family and friends and a hug here and there, a new family of head lice is sure to be shared. Parents mortified and panic sets in; they seek help in their pharmacies, pediatricians, and friends.  The head lice however have little to fear, the products have been around for over 30 years. Resistance, resistance the lice chime in and little success moms treat once again…