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The Shepherd Method™


Step 1. Initial Head Check

An initial head check is performed to identify if there is any evidence (nits or lice).  If nits or lice are found, the client is informed and treatment follows. Every individual in the household should be checked to determine if they too have any evidence of head lice.  It is very important to know that we only treat when necessary!

Step 2. Treatment

Apply product throughout the entire head followed by a thorough comb out, which will remove 85% of the nits and lice.  Upon completion of the comb out, the hair is then sectioned off and thoroughly examined strand-by-strand to manually remove all the nits and lice.  Please keep in mind this is the most critical part of the treatment process and the most time-consuming.

Step 3. Final Re-Check

Hair is then blow dried and a final head check is performed to ensure all nits and lice have been removed.  Upon completion, an additional product is applied to the hair and should remain on the hair for up to two hours and carefully shampooed out.

​Step 4. Follow-up Head Check

Upon request, we offer a follow-up head check 5 to 7 days after treatment (depending on infestation), but sooner if necessary.

To learn more about The Shepherd Method, visit www.shepherdinstitute.com/


Head Lice Removal Guarantees Results


The Shepherd Method™ of strand by strand head lice and nit removal provides families with a powerful treatment weapon against head lice.  The Shepherd Method was developed over the past 10 years and has been used to successfully treat thousands of children and adults all around the world. The method guides parents every step of the way towards a successful end to their families head lice infestation.

We work with the hair in paper thin sections to ensure all the evidence is removed.